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Revealing the Lost Ten Tribes
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Descendants of the Lost Ten Tribes are today found amongst Western Nations according to the Bible and Rabbinical Commentary supplemented by historical and related studies.


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Brit-Am is an organization comprised of Jews and non-Jews and centered in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel.
Brit-Am traces the Lost Ten Tribes to Western Nations. The evidence that Brit-Am relies upon is Biblical in the light of Rabbinical Commentary supplemented by secular studies.
Brit-Am avoids the discussion of religious differences between Judah (the present-day Jews) and the Lost Ten Tribes represented by "Joseph".

Brit-Am has three main aims:
Research -finding where the Lost Ten Tribes went to.
Recognition -Bringing the Results of our Research to Public attention.
Reconciliation - Working towards the eventual re-unification of Joseph and Judah.

Topics discussed on the present site include The Ten Lost Tribes and everything about them.

Bible Commentaries: Nachmanides and Rashi on the Ten Tribes being in the west; The Five Books of Moses and Promised Blessings; Brit-Am Commentaries on the Prophets, Psalms, and other Biblical Books; Bible Codes confirm Israelite Tribal identity; Biblical History and Archaeology.

Physical Ancestry: DNA and its questionable validity on ethnic questions, Biblical Physical Anthropology, Ancient Hebrew Racial Types, Pictures of Ancient Israelites and Neighboring Peoples.

Khazars: The Israelite Ancestry and Western Kinships of the Khazars.

Tribal Identities: The English-Speaking Peoples Today Descend from the Tribe of Joseph; the USA is Manasseh; "Machir" ("Ha-Macheri" in Hebrew) the first-born son of Manasseh gave his name in its Medieval Latinized form to "America". The name "Machir" in Hebrew means Capitalism; "Manasseh" means Responsibile Representation; Ephraim is Britain along with the overseas "daughters" of Britain. Other Israelite Tribes gave rise to elements within England, Scotland, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Ulster, Wales, France, Holland, and Belgium. The present-day Jews descend mainly from Judah, Benjamin, and Levi, plus representatives portions of all the other Tribes. The Tribe of Dan is to be found amongst part of the Danish, Irish, and Welsh.
Biblical Blessings indicate specific identifications to be studied in the light of history, linguistics, legends, and National Characteristics.

Tribal Symbols: Star of David, unicorn, lion, Israeli Stamps.

Historical Studies: Israelite Migrations, Linguistics, Cimmerians, Scythians, the Hiberi-Celts, The Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, and Normans, the Scottish and Irish, Franks, and Scandinavians.

Megaliths: Correct dating of Megalithic Monuments that outline Hebrew Migratory Paths as Prophesied in Jeremiah 31:21. These "Pathway Signatory Indicators" (Dolmens in Holland and Denmark, New Grange in Ireland, Stonehenge in England, etc.) are found in the Land of Israel and in Western Europe.

Questions of Brit-Am Israelite Identity: Chosen People, Israelite Ancestry, Ephraimites, Captive Jews from Judah in the West,The Two Houses, Returning to the Land of Israel, "British-Israel" versus Brit-Am.

Other Peoples: Edom, Germany, Japan, Gog, Russia, China, Korea, Tibet, Cush, India, Africa, Arabs, Ishmael, Palestinians, Philistines, Canaanites.

Guest Articles: Articles by Yair Davidiy, along with essays by Rabbi Yehonatan Davidi, Rabbi Fishel Mael, "Avigdor", Terry Blodgett, Rabbi Avraham Feld, Steven Collins, Cam Rea, Daffyd from Australia, Stephen Spykerman, Orjan Svensson, Dr. Richard Giffith, Cristian Sildan, John R. Salverda, Professor Paul Eidelberg, Konrad Siegfried, John Hulley, Edward Anderson, Alexander Zephyr, Eddie Chumney, Jack Hertzog, Bruce McKerras, Eric Flaxenburg, David Jackson, and others.

Contemporary Issues: Biblical Research Updates; Jerusalem News, Regular News Reports from the Land of Israel and Israel-Related News from overseas; News concerning Archaeological Findings, Anthropology, and DNA findings. News from specific countries.

Enemy Elimination: Anti-Semitism Confronted; The Pernicious and Nefarious Intentions behind Conspiracy Theory Exposed; the Need to Transfer the Palestinians for the good of all including themselves; Missionary Activity Amongst Jews Forbidden; Anti-American and anti-British attitudes rebuked.

Along with much more.
New articles and information are added almost daily.
Newer Articles.

"The KHAZARS.Tribe 13"

Chapter Outlines to "The Khazars. Tribe 13"

"The Khazars.
Tribe 13"

Brit-Am identity Queries Concerning the USA:
Parallels between the borders of the USA and those of Ancient Israel?

Biblical Place Names in the USA: State by State
Giving the Tribal Allocation of each place-name.

Hycsos: Hebrew Shepherd Kings of Egypt.

The Divine Purpose for the Exile and Division

rose    Collective Responsibility
and Rabbinical Authority

The Hebrew Nations:
An Over-view of Brit-Am Beliefs

Lost Tribes of Israel Settled in the West!

Biblical Proofs Identifying the Lost Ten Tribes

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Completeness of the Exile

The Ten Tribes are still in Exile but will Return

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Bible Codes

Biblical History

Their Hebrew Origins

Israelite Physical Types

Pictures of Ancient Hebrews

The Black Woman.
Color Prejudice Condemned by the Torah

Why the Jews are Judah
Jew-Haters Refuted

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DNA Articles

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Biblical Truth Origin Joseph

The Tribes
4 th Edition
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The Tribes
The Tribes

How Megaliths and Dolmens Delineate Ancient Israelite Migratory Routes

How do You Know
Whether You Descend from Israel?

Ephraimite Criteria

The Hussein Obama Pages.
Obama in Arab Dress, 2006

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Geneaology of the Blessings to Israel

The Messiah son of Joseph
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Friendly Shadows? Presaging the Messiah?
Shavuot, Ruth, Bethlehem, and New Archaeology Find.

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Wilderness of the Nations by Alexander Zephyr.

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Handling Transfer with Kid Gloves and Encouraging Palestinian Emigration.

The Striped-Tie Triad.
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